The importance of synthesizing faith and critical thought.

It is important to synthesize faith and critical thought because with our faith we will be challenged at all times, and in all areas.  We will have to be able to discern what’s of God and of the Holy Spirit, and what we will need to steer clear of altogether because it’s not of God. So, faith and critical thought needs to be used together to lead a more productive Christian life, and to be able to analyze all situations thoroughly and precisely.


Blog about a gospel message

I have watched various gospel programs on TBN, and I have also listened to a Christian radio station KERI Am 1410 in California. Mainly with listening to all of these stations. I have notice how they are judge mental of other religions. There are different religions but I can’t say which one is better than the other. I don’t understand why others are talking about other religions. To talk about God and his love then to turn around, and down talk someone else it lessens the positive message with me. So, with that being done it make me turn off there programs, or only listen to certain programs that’s on TBN.


What I have learned in VU 2100 So far.

So, far in my VU 2100 class I have learned the differences in an Christian education, as opposed to a secular education. I have attended a non Christian college in the past, and I do see the difference while I’m currently attending Victory university. There are differences in the class curriculum,and the overall attitudes of everyone. I know as Christians we are set apart from non Christians in the sense that we are in a large number of ways different,and we are held at higher standards. God expects more from us depending on where we are at in our Christianity,and what we have been taught. There are certain times when we are considered babes in Christ. I have also learned that I see some things differently because this class has taught me how to analyze situations differently, and to seek Gods guidance on everything that I do. I see things now with a different set of eyes. 

Week 5 Biblical Passage

The Biblical passage that I will be discussing is John 13:34,35. It states, “A new command I give you: Love one another. as i have loved you, so you must love one another. 35 By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” NIV Study Bible Zondervan (2011:1795) I feel that these are Jesus’s words since they are in red. I infer these verses to mean that we are to love one another  as Christians regardless what the other person may have done to you. If someone ask you for food, clothing, money, rides, etc., your not suppose to say no because you feel that they have it or that they should go get a job or already have a job. If someone is misusing your kindness that’s Gods job to handle it not for us to judge. We also have to forgive people,and ask others for for forgiveness if we have offended them. For example, if you are a Christian and you are trying to encourage  a non Christians about going to church and becoming Christians they will be looking at your actions,words, lifestyle, etc., and if they see anything that’s not of God  in you it will totally turn them away. So, if they can’t see Jesus in you what’s the use in belaboring the point on telling them something about God when your not practicing what you preach. God does look at our heart, but man doesn’t so we have to show love to everyone at all times because Jesus showed us a great love in dying for us.

“Moral Lesson” About movie.

The movie I will write about is The Negotiator staring Samuel Jackson.

I feel that the belief system that’s working in this movie is loyalty & truth, and how far will someone go to prove their loyalty and the truth. The movie fits into the Christian faith because Samuel’s character   didn’t kill anyone, he was loyal to his wife and job. It didn’t fit in the areas of he could have proved his innocence in a different manner. He didn’t have to hold people by gunpoint/ hostage to get the truth out he could have fought it in a court of law. He did smoke out the guilty culprits that killed his partner, and some corrupt cops, but his method got some people killed to keep their corruption a secret. So it did teach that the truth shall set you free.

My Intellectual topic where would I be without God in my life

I feel that with out God in my life I would be in a heap of trouble.  I have changed from thinking negative, dealing with negative persons, and bad thoughts with prayer, and Gods help. I really feel that without God in my life I would be in jail or worse. I thank God for his continuous grace and mercy. Whew, I’m so very thankful, and I will tell the world about a God that is truly forgiving.

Faith Topic

Faith and what it means to me. I believe in God and I do what I can to help others, and show them love in all areas rather it be financially, spiritually, or support and guidance. Hebrews 11:3 NIV says, “By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible.” I relate this verse to the faith in my life because God does show his presence in my life with  the many Blessings but I don’t always physically see him.